Herculaneum guided tour

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How to get to Ercolano

If you are arriving:


From Naples Airport (Capodichino)

- You can take the Alibus bus leading to the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi. The cost is  5 euros.

- You can hire a taxi and ask to be taken directly to Ercolano. The cost is usually about 25 euro.


From Naples Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi

- You can take one of the Circumvesuviana trains leading to:

------- Torre Annunziata

------- Poggiomarino - Via Pompei

Get off at Ercolano Scavi and you will be in the centre of the town, not too far from the ruins and the Vesuvian Villas.

The cost of the one way ticket is 2.40 euro
From the Central Station you can also take the Trenitalia train to Portici-Ercolano. Once you arrive in Portici you can either take a taxi to Ercolano or walk about 20 minutes.


You will get off either at Naples Harbour - Piazza Municipio or at Mergellina harbour or at Sorrento pier.

From Mergellina you can get either a bus or the underground train leading to the Central Train Station at Piazza Garibaldi to get the Circumvesuaviana trains to Ercolano.

From Piazza Municipio you can either take the buses as described above or take any bus to the Central Station and then take the Circumvesuviana trains. You can also take the Metro which gets to Piazza Garibaldi Central Station where you can get the Circumvesuviana train.


From Naples town or from Rome highway, please take the highway to Salerno and stop at Ercolano.

From Salerno or Sorrento take the highway to Naples and stop at Ercolano.

From Ercolano highway station:

Turn on the right if you want to visit the centre of town, the ruins and the Vesuvian villas. 

Turn on the left if you want to visit Mount Vesuvius.

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